the slightly different AdBlocker
for your iPhone or iPad

Advanced Privacy

fogu will block every known tracking service. You can enjoy the web knowing that noone can track you anymore.

Advanced Protection

fogu will work as a protecting shield between you and the internet. fogu won't just block Ads, it also will hide your real ip address if you want.

Advanced Updates

fogu's filters are updated daily. You don't have to worry about being up to date, we do it for you. Happy fogging!


Remove Ads in every App

Remove Ads in every Browser

Protect Privacy, hide your IP

Say no to BigBrother, block trackers

Who we are

Our Dream Team

To make it short: We simply did not want to give our surfing behavior to everyone on the internet and to protect us, we built fogu.

The idea was born late 2014 and fogu was created by Christian as a small project for private use. After a few weeks the decision was made to make fogu available for everyone. At that time there was no simple way of blocking ads and tracking on the iPhone or the iPad. In March 2015 Christian has met Paul and they started working together on the project. At the beginning of 2016 fogu was finished and went online.