New Apple policy

Recent news articles talked about some new policy within the AppStore. This new policy will affect all AdBlockers which are using a dummy vpn profile for blocking ads within apps. This policy should not affect fogu since we are not using a dummy vpn profile. With fogu you get a fully working vpn service which gives you the option to block ads when you wish so. Should this policy ever affect fogu then there is already a workaround waiting. We will push this ipdate immediately when its needed. So no worries you still be able to fog ads.

Happy fogging!


fogu 1.0.8 released

Last week we released a new version of fogu. Like always go and get it on the AppStore. In this version we fogged some bugs and added some great features:
– new logo design
– share fogu with friends and get 14 days for free
– localization optimized

We hope you enjoy using fogu. Let us know what features you want us to add. You can write us an email:



fogu is also gone from chinese appstore

hello fellow foggers,

since apple started removing vpn apps from the chinese store, fogu has also vanished. this is a very sad decision by apple but to comply with chinese law it was apple’s decision to do so or not. for our foggers from china all we can hope that they can still find a way to use fogu or other vpn apps.