Privacy Policy

Before using fogu, there are a few things you should know

The service fogu (hereinafter referred as fogu) is a product of fogu UG (haftungsbeschränkt) (hereinafter called fogu UG), Germany.

We at the fogu UG have developed fogu to give you the opportunity to protect your privacy online. Accordingly to this, we do not observe personal user data, record it, log it, or save it.

We collect and store only the general information that we need to run the service. This includes the utilization of the servers, however not who and when, used which server. We do this to make the access to fogu as flawless as possible.

We aim to explain in this privacy policy, how we collect data and use it at the fogu UG, when you visit our website and when you use our service fogu. Therefore please read this Privacy Policy carefully. If you have questions, simply send us an email to and we try you respond immediately.

1. Data collected and used by the fogu UG

The payment process is done through your itunes Account.

1.1 Data logging

fogu UG does not log any data, which can give a conclusions about the IP address, the time or the content of the traffic. We would like to mention explicitly that we do not record neither the communication contents nor data about your visited websites or the IP addresses.

fogu records only non-personal data (such as the utilization of the server) for statistical purposes, which cannot pose a threat to your anonymity. They are used exclusively to improve the quality of service.

1.2 Cookies

To allow you a simplified login to, a cookie will be stored on your device containing the data requested during the authentication in encrypted form.

1.3 Website logging

fogu UG uses Piwik for evaluating visits on the website and within our App. It is an open source solution. The data is anonymized and is only accessible by the fogu UG.

1.4 Customer Support

Communication with the fogu UG support via email is generally stored for 6 months, unless you notify us that we should delete the communication immediately.

2. How fogu UG will use the data

We at the fogu UG value the importance of privacy. The processed data is used only to improve the service and only for it.

If you subscribed to our newsletter or have participated in a promotional campaign, but wish to quit receiving promotional emails from fogu UG, follow the unsubscribe link in one of the e-mails.

3. How fogu UG shares and publishes this data

We at the fogu UG do not share any information with third parties. We do not share data with social networks or ad networks. This is not our idea of privacy. fogu UG only passes the data to comply with applicable law or to satisfy a court order or to enforce our terms and conditions.

4. Security

In the development of the service and the selection of its service providers, fogu UG values maximum safety:

fogu UG generally has root access to all its servers and administers them.

5. Contact

For questions about this privacy policy you can easily contact us under, via our contact form or send us a letter to fogu UG (haftungbeschränkt) Kölner Str. 159, 47805 Krefeld, Germany.